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All Eyez On Me Tupac Biopic Movie Shows the Resurrection of Early 90s Streetwear Fashion


First of all we just want to say straight off the back Foxberry Boys thoroughly enjoyed watching the 'All Eyez On Me' biopic movie of Tupac Shakur. And cast members Demetrius Shipp Jr (Tupac Shakir) and Kat Graham (Jada Pinkett) did a great job playing these roles. Foxberry Boys are a massive fan of the late Tupac Shakur and watching the resurrection of US streetwear fashion such as Karl Kani and Walker Wear clothing brought back fond memories. We remember learning about Tupac in the early 90s watching him feature in a track by Digital Underground called 'I Get Around' on MTV cable box set channel programme called 'Yo! MTV Raps' . Tupac eventually branched off to be a solo artist, with most of Tupac themed songs revolving around hardship and social issues within the inner cities.

Digital Underground featuring Tupac - 'I Get Around'

Digital Underground featuring Tupac - 'I Get Around'

Tupac very much felt he was the voice of the people and what he stood for inspired the youths of today and most of his music is still relevant in today's society. in the early days we quickly noted Tupac's love for streetwear and his snapback he would wear backwards throughout most of his career which can be seen throughout his biopic movie.

The 90s saw the introduction of the 3 sided embroidery snapback merchandise during this decade because of the rise of HipHop and Rap music. This was heavily influenced by the artists who used to wear their snapback to the back.

Since then the snapback still remains an essential staple piece accessory within the modern day consumers wardrobe for everyday use.

Above - Tupac playing the character Lucky in the Poetic Justice movie starring Janet Jackson

Above - Tupac playing the character Lucky in the Poetic Justice movie starring Janet Jackson

Inspired by the early 90s HipHop music genre and streetwear fashion Foxberry Boys have designed a collection of quality 3 sided embroidery snapbacks of our own which can be purchased at £29.99 giving our customers that stylish and edgy look with today's fashion contemporary trend.

Foxberry Boys Tupac Discography Playlist (No particular order)

1. California Love

2.  Changes

3.  Keep Your Head Up

4.  Amerikaz Most Wanted 

5. Thug Luv - Bone Thugs n Harmony feat. Tupac

6.  Brenda's Got a Baby

7. I Get Around

8. Hail Mary 

9. Dear Mama

10. Hit Em Up (Explicit Lyrics)

Foxberry Boys Filmography/Television (No Particular Order)

1. Juice 

2.  Poetic Justice

3. Above The Rim

4. A Different World

5. Murder Was The Case

6. Gridlock'd


Foxberry Boys definitely gives the 'All Eyez On Me' Tupac biopic 4 stars and the only reason why it wasn't a 5 star is because it was hard to squash his entire life into a 2 hour movie and most of all their will only ever be one legendary Tupac Shakur. 

Click on link to see the 'All Eyez On Me' HD Trailer