Former Love Island Contestant Rykard Jenkins caught up in political controversy over Foxberry Boys Red FXB Cap

Thanks to Leigh McManus, MailOnline Reporter for the shoutout. McManus writes an article on the MailOnline how @realdonaldtrump planned to capitalise on former Love Island contestant Rykard Jenkins 360k followers to promote his campaign for re-election in 2020.

We don’t follow politics much, but we know enough that Donald Trump presidential campaign caps for 2020 cannot compare to our classic snapbacks.

Rykard Jenkins wearing our  Red FXB Snapback  | Click on image and #shopFOXBERRYBOYSonline

Rykard Jenkins wearing our Red FXB Snapback | Click on image and #shopFOXBERRYBOYSonline

Foxberry Boys Red FXB Snapback featured in The Sun Newspaper

Foxberry Boys Red FXB Snapback featured in The Sun Newspaper

Foxberry Boys Photoshoot With Rykard Jenkins

Foxberry Boys team up with Love Island Season 2 contestant and Social Media Influencer Rykard Jenkins for a photo shoot in London Waterloo.

@rykardjenkins is wearing our post box red FXB snapback styled @everything_to_a_t.

This Red FXB snapback was chosen to compliment Rykards bold and bubbly personality. If you feel you have the confidence to rock this classic fit three sided embrodiery FXB snapback click on our link below and #shopFOXBERRYBOYSonline - FXB Snapback available at £29.99


@everything_to_a_t and @mcbushkin of the Heartless Crew can be seen her wearing our Foxberry Boys Camo Snapback and Camo Mesh Cap

Back to school

Looking for something to add to your  college or university wardrobe? Want to get your gear 'on point' before you turn up at college? Foxberry Boys offers a range of sleek hat line to change any outfit into smart casual.

With the the new school term around the corner, Foxberry Boys are gearing up to release a black x black collection. The Black Fox collection a combination of original Foxberry Boys style hats. In turn, the “Black” collection celebrates the favourites of Foxberry Boy fans. Appropriately, three style of the snapbacks for school wear in all black, original black trucker, fox logo and FXB.


These statement headwear feature the Trademark black trucker baseball caps on Classic 5 panel shape, Hard Buckram and adjustable snap.  All the contemporary, bold and power contemporary, bold powerful all black designs admirable eye catching accessory.


Heres three ways to style yourself this semester:

Ready for Office: Sport coat - anything from tweed to flannel, long sleeve shirt, trousers and smart shoes you are ready for the office etiquette.

Casual attire: suede leather style jacket, smart shirt, chinos and choose boat wear footwear.


Sport cage: Light bomber jacker, long tee, pair of joggers and sporty trainers.


Send us your looks for the semester on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram we want to see what our fan are wearing this A/W.





1. Open up a student bank account.

You probably already have a Student bank account, however for those who haven't got there's yet here are some great benefits to opening up an account that is dedicated to students specifically.

Firstly and most importantly you get an interest free overdraft. Foxberry boys would advice against getting loans and things like that, but interest free money is a great way to tide yourself over if you’re short on rent,food, or if you’re waiting for your student loan to drop. There are also other amazing benefits with a student account like this, such as free taste card and coach card for example which gives you a 1/3rd off coach fares – an absolute God send. We all know that city hopping to visit home (or even just for that unmissable party) is simply a must during uni.


2. Get Active

Exercise really can make a world of difference. Get gym memebership; it's a great way to socialise, here about the house parties and generally keep fit (as you may well know a lot of junk eating and beer is consumed in the first couple months). 

Another way to the proactive get some regular 'money' coming in. I always say get creative and use some of the talents you have to generate an income. I’m a firm believer that if you have a skill/you can make some money e.g. selling a product (buying something at a lower price and selling it for more is a great way to be savvy) or got great photography skills (get involved in night club student night photography).

I personally know people that started student barber shops they bought themselves some essential hair cutting tools  and basically kept the guys on campus looking fresh. Something like having an interest free overdraft would definitely help to get initiatives like this off the ground so get creative.

3. The 3 F’s – Food, Family, Friends

These 3 F’s are the best medicine for the soul and gives me a confidence boost on days when I am not feeling 100. Being with my family and friends, enjoying good food always brings out the best version of me. I like to jump on a phone call, or invite the squad over for a group effort meal and a games, instantly I always feel better.

4. If you’re going to shop, shop smart! – NUS Extra Card is a must for discounts, offers for household, fashion and entertainment items. Back as it again if you have student banking Santander offers free 16-25 rail card for 4 year (what a whopper that saves you £100) or bank with NatWest and receive taste  cards up to 50% off 100s of eateries.

**Do your homework - look out for grants and opportunities out there for you as a student I was able to get a free iPad and money towards printing allowance a great savings!