Straight out of Foxberry Road

London, SE4

London, SE4

Yesterday I got to see the film 'Straight Outta Compton' at the Odeon cinema at my local neighbourhood and although I am know expert film critic I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and I would definitely give the film a 5 star rating. 

In the movie there is a scene backstage where DJ Yella is chastised by Easy E before a concert because he is wearing a yellow vest. The N.W.A colour scheme was black and silver like their football team, LA Raiders. This was crucial. It was as much a part of their star power, as tracks that expressed the blistering anger of young black men on the streets of LA in the eighties. Like N.W.A, Foxberry Boys knew the power of image and branded themselves creating the fox logo to represent the name which derived from Foxberry Road, London, SE4.

NWA’s monochrome streetwear has even influenced how young men dress now. Inspired by contemporary rappers who are also style influencers such as Drake and ASAP Rocky.  The great thing about NWA’s look is how easy it is to put together. That’s probably the thing that made them, a group of kids with little disposable income for designer clothes, do it in the first place. One Snapback (Foxberry Boys) white T-shirt (Topman) and a pair of black jeans (Topman) and you’re sorted.

It’s hard to put into words how I really like this movie. But I would recommend that if you like rap or just want a piece of a history lesson, this movie is it. It takes in every aspect of the essential roots of these men from Compton into what rap has become in our society. It’s real. It’s powerful. It’s a must-watch.